If Boracay beach has the finest sand, some beaches in here Surigao has the coarsest of them all. Actually, there is no sand at all in here, it is pebbles and stones all around. Beaches are filled with smooth, decorative, and variable sizes stones. It's amazing how nature laid down these stones artfully on the seashore. If you will be here you would probably say, they were filed artificially, but it's natural. Another proof of how artistic Mother Nature is. To protect this wonderful work of nature, signage indicating " no picking of stones" were placed along the beach to warn beach-goers and any other individuals not to pick up stones and bring them home. Indeed, what if every person who visited and will be visiting this beach pick up even a  single stone and bring them home? What will happen to this peculiar beach in 10 years time? So, it's just right to protect them.


Added attraction on these beaches is the beautiful sunset. This place was strategically located where you can observe both sunrise and sunset. If you're a fan of sunsets, this is a place suited for you.


Actually, not all beaches here in Surigao has this kind of shoreline. Pebble or Stone beaches are only found near Mt. Bagarabon (based on the interview of some locals). Some beaches also has sand shoreline. Beside the mountain lies beautiful rock formations molded by sea water through time. In a particular beach, Mt. Bagarabon Beach resort, you can find a trail going up the mountain. From the top you can see a breath taking view. In order to make this more accessible to visitors, the management of the resort, with the help of the barangay, build a 300-steps stairs along the trail reaching the other side of the mountain. 


Mt. Bagarabon Beach resort is located at Brgy. Mabua of Surigao City. If you are from the city proper, you can rent a tricycle or a "habal-habal" going here. It takes around 15 minutes ride. Just tell the driver the name of the beach and they know were to go. Try to negotiate for the fare, but if the driver ask 40 Php, I think it is reasonable.

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