"Longing for You"
These images were taken from Mt. Bagarabon Beach Resort while the sun is setting down. Together with some friends, we climbed and crossed Mt. Bagarabon, through a 300 steps concrete ladder built along a trail, in order to witness the hidden beauty of nature. The beach here is beautiful but it is more beautiful on the other side. You will see crystal clear water and artful rock formations on the mountain's foot. It's like a little paradise. Unfortunately, when we reached the place it was already on a twilight time, I was not able to capture images during daytime. But to avoid being zeroed, I captured my friends images as the sun goes down. After downloading from my cam to my laptop, I tried to change and exaggerated the colors of the background resulting to a unique background for silhouettes. 

"Peace Bro!"

"Chikahan Sa Tabing Dagat"

"Looking for Something"

"Lovers Quarrel" 



"Is he staring at me or the horizon?"


"Cannot be Reached"

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