Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Thanks first to PTBs (special mention to Paula PeralejoEstan CabigasDing Fuellos, and Jeffrey Rilles, ) for giving me suggestions on what to do and where to go in my new destination, the Citrus Capital of the Philippines, Nueva Viscaya. This is my First time to travel on this northeastern part of the country so I have no idea on what to explore on this province. I'm happy and proud that I become a member of the PTB for this group has a lot to offer. Nueva Viscaya is not that familiar to most of us unlike other provinces but this province is also rich in historical sites and wonderful places to explore. Aside from being the citrus capital of the country, Nueva Viscaya is the home of the three churches built on the 17th century that were similarly constructed. These churches were seemed identical before but due to some modifications they are not that identical anymore. But the architectural design and style still intact. First is the St. Dominic Cathedral located at the town of Bayombong. Second is the St. Catherine Parish at Bambang. And the other is the St. Vincent Ferrer Parish at the town of Dupax del Sur.

Monday, July 18, 2011


One of the tourists site here in Singapore is the Sentosa Island. The word sentosa means peace and tranquility in Malay language. Millions of tourist visit here and I am one of them. Together with my colleagues, we visited Sentosa to take a break from a long journey from Dhaka. This vacation was courtesy of the company we are working with as a reward for our fruitful and dedicated work. Also, in order for us to explore other country and brought some helpful experience when we get home. Sentosa is about 7-8 kilometers from the hotel we've checked in. Our contacts have arranged the payment and process on how we get into this island.  From the hotel, we were picked up by a coaster that brought us to the tourist bus station going to sentosa. In there, we were briefed on where we will be going and of course, the do's and don'ts while on travel. The service bus didn't took us directly to the island, we were brought in a terminal of a cable car.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Once again my wandering feet brought me here in the one of the 5 provinces of Panay Island, Capiz. Since I was a little boy I've heard a lot of  stories about Capiz. Some say that extra-natural beings and imagination-created creatures exist on this place. Once the name Capiz is mentioned, there only one things that comes to the mind of many, "aswang". Similar to Siquijor, the province of Capiz was wrongly connoted. The place is so beautiful that you would like to keep coming back. 

Capiz is rich in historical landmarks and heritage sites. Most of the churches here were built as early as 17th century. It is good to know that people preserved these structures for the next generations to witness the architectures of the past. The province also holds the record for having the biggest bell in the Philippines which is located at the church in the town of Panay.

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