Saturday, March 12, 2011


March 11, 2011. 1400H. I was conducting training in YMCA in Dumaguete when the whole world was shocked by the report the an 8.9 magnitude massive earthquake hits Japan and less than an hour later comes the destructive tsunami. As I watch the footage on television I was stunned by what I saw. It is like a movie, though it happens in reality. Gigantic waves was rumbling towards the city carrying all the things it passes through. Ships, cars, buses, and house seem like toys on the footage. Hours later the Philippines now is on panic. Some news reported that the tsunami will reach the coast of the country in more or less 3 hours. Local reports told that people on the coastal area were evacuated. So, I hurriedly call my wife to ask what the condition in our place.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


After an overnight travel from the City of Masbate we reach the Port of Cebu. This is the scene I have seen from the vessel on the port during the docking of the ship. The Badjaos with small their boats were beside the ship asking for coins from the passengers. Watching them make me feel depressed especially when I saw an old woman with her sickly-looking child on her boat. It touched my heart that drive me to throw a hundred peso bill instead of coins. I felt the feeling of the old women who got the money I have thrown. I know my money wouldn't take them away from poverty but I know it will be a help to survive a day.


WHEW! Five rides via land and 3 rides via sea. This is my travel path on my journey from home at Pili, Camarines Sur going to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental for a training. I had a long journey before but I think this is longer. 0600H. In my house preparing for the trip. I've boarded a bus around 0800H going to Daraga, Albay. 1020H, I embarked at Brgy Banag, Daraga, rode a tricycle going to the van terminal for Pilar, Sorsogon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Before the scheduled scholarship examination at Mindanao which I will be facilitating, I was very excited because I have this opportunity to be back on the land of Mindanao. I've been here last 17 years ago. The place has changed a lot compare to my visit here then. I am excited because I planned to visit some of the historical place and tourist spot there, But I only have limited time to spend to do my job and I was unable to have an opportunity to stroll.

I spend more of my time traveling from one place to another because of the distance of the examination venues. After accomplishing my job I need to be back to Laguna for another scheduled, after exam I went to the airport and leave the place not contented.
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