After an overnight travel from the City of Masbate we reach the Port of Cebu. This is the scene I have seen from the vessel on the port during the docking of the ship. The Badjaos with small their boats were beside the ship asking for coins from the passengers. Watching them make me feel depressed especially when I saw an old woman with her sickly-looking child on her boat. It touched my heart that drive me to throw a hundred peso bill instead of coins. I felt the feeling of the old women who got the money I have thrown. I know my money wouldn't take them away from poverty but I know it will be a help to survive a day.

Looking at the Badjaos you will wonder how these people are surviving. Their only way of living is to beg some coins from other people, they brought with them their small innocent children as props to make them more pitiful. Older females were also being commanded by younger males of their group to ask for alms for they look so helpless. But I observed some diving skills they have especially the children as young as 4 years old. No coin thrown in the water unfounded.

Not only the children but also the old ones, that I think are as old as 60 years old or more. They are excellent divers. Maybe because It is their way of living.

This is what the reality is. Rich people are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Maybe badjaos were not given any chance to work just like ordinary people due to their illiteracy and skills. Or they are just adapting what they are and what they used to and no intentions to try another way. But how about no people would spare their coins to them, for sure they will starve. And an aching stomach knows no rule or law, perhaps, then they start doing something which is against the law in order to survive.

"Poverty is like a punishment of crime you didn't commit" (Eli Khamarov).
"Poor is poor because rich is rich".

"Poverty is the mother of crimes"(Marcus Aurelius)


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