WHEW! Five rides via land and 3 rides via sea. This is my travel path on my journey from home at Pili, Camarines Sur going to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental for a training. I had a long journey before but I think this is longer. 0600H. In my house preparing for the trip. I've boarded a bus around 0800H going to Daraga, Albay. 1020H, I embarked at Brgy Banag, Daraga, rode a tricycle going to the van terminal for Pilar, Sorsogon.

The van I caught left the terminal at around 1030H. I arrived at Port of Pilar around 1130H. Stayed at the port for 30 minutes waiting for the scheduled travel. The seacraft left the port at 1200H and sailed for about 3 and a half hour to the Port of Masbate...At the port of Masbate I've waited for the embarkation of the passenger vessel (MV Indonesia of Trans-Asia Lines) for Cebu. I was aboard at 1700H and the vessel left and voyage for Cebu at 1800H. 12 hours of travel going to Cebu.

Morning of Sunday, 0700H. I felt that the vessel suddenly stop. I asked one of the crews what happened. My goodness!..the ship was aground because of shallow water caused by low tide. It takes 2 hours before a harbor pilot takes over to maneuver the ship to the dock. Then the ship slowly moving to the port that it take one more hour before we reach the dock. And another 30 minutes waiting to disembarked. Once I disembarked from the ship, I walked going outside the port to get a taxi. It takes 30 minutes before I found an unoccupied taxi, and I arrived at the office at 1000H. After a 60 minutes rest, I then proceed to south bus terminal via taxi again. After waiting, I was aboard the Ceres bus going to Santander, Southern town of Cebu, and we left at exactly 1050H.

From Cebu City Terminal is takes about 2 and a half hours going to Liloan Port at Santander. From Liloan Port another 30 minutes travel via fastcraft to the port of Sibulan, Negros Oriental. And the last ride of my journey is the tricycle from Sibulan port to our office in Dumaguete City. I reached my destination at around 1515H, Sunday.

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