Pasacao is said to be the summer capital of Camarines Sur. Because of beautiful beaches, cheap cottages and accessibility, many excursionist chose this place than other beaches in Bicol. Almost every summer this place has been crowded with vacationist and excursionist from different side of Cam Sur. Floating cottages, beach games and annual bikini pageant were some of the attractions to attract people. But the main attraction and a must-be visited place is the Daroanak Island. Daraoanak island is the eye-cathing island lies in the middle of the beach of Pasacao. 

Along the beach in Balogo, there are several boats for rent going to the island. Each boat has a average capacity of 12 passenger depending on its size and are equipped with lifeboats for safety. From the shoreline of main beach, it will take about 10 mins sail to the island.

Daroanak Island from Pasacao Beach Resort in Brgy. Balogo.

Crystal clear waters welcomes you as you approach the island.

Rock formations around Daroanak Island.

Food tripping while in Pasacao. Fresh fish are always available here.

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