Thursday, August 23, 2012


Madayaw" , a warm and friendly greetings that is full of respect and admiration, is where the Kadayawan Festival got its name.  Dubbed as the "King of Festivals", Kadayawan Festival is an annual thanksgiving celebration for bountiful harvest in the city of Davao. On this year, 2012, Davaoenos are celebrating their 27th year of Kadayawan Festival with a theme "10 Tribes, 1 Vibe".  This year celebration gives an emphasis in the unification of all the tribes and its descendants that occupied the city, then and now. Despite cultural differences, tribes are still bound on a duty to make Davao City a peaceful and harmonious place to live.

It's been a long time desire (since I start blogging) to personally witness this celebration in order to answer some questions I have for myself. One, why this festival tagged as the "king of festivals", second, how grand is this celebration compared to other festivals all over the country. So, I don't let the opportunity to pass me by. This is my first time to witness and celebrate Kadayawan festival. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I already learned about this 7SUPERSHOTS series about a couple of months ago. A chained-post that was started by last January of this year. This activity aims to showcase and share 7 best shots of every blogger. In my observation, most PTBs were already tagged and shared theirs. I already seen several posts from my fellow travel bloggers, their shots were so amazing!. So when Francis Balgos of Pala-lagaw tagged me I was hesitant to do my own version. But there's no harm in trying so I tried to assemble mine but due to so some unfavorable situations and interruptions, it took a long time for the completion. But anyway, I just made it and here's my version of 7 SUPERSHOT..

Climbing at the top of People's Park in the Sky Tower at Tagaytay, Batangas and took this image was literally breathtaking. In this image is the highway from downtown Tagaytay to People's Park.

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