Friday, February 24, 2012


One of nature scenery that fascinates me is the setting of the sun. Sunset conveys different interpretation depending on the person watching it. It has different meanings according to experience, perception, emotion, and vision of certain individuals. To some, sunset means tranquility, a time to rest his weary body after a long busy and tiring day. Some say, it represents hope, a time for getting ready for another day. Another day full of challenges and adventures. Sunset means relief to other person. Others experience happiness every time they look at the setting sun. A kind of happiness that only them can explain. To all those who are inlove, sunset boosts that feeling. 


"Longing for You"
These images were taken from Mt. Bagarabon Beach Resort while the sun is setting down. Together with some friends, we climbed and crossed Mt. Bagarabon, through a 300 steps concrete ladder built along a trail, in order to witness the hidden beauty of nature. The beach here is beautiful but it is more beautiful on the other side. You will see crystal clear water and artful rock formations on the mountain's foot. It's like a little paradise. Unfortunately, when we reached the place it was already on a twilight time, I was not able to capture images during daytime. But to avoid being zeroed, I captured my friends images as the sun goes down. After downloading from my cam to my laptop, I tried to change and exaggerated the colors of the background resulting to a unique background for silhouettes. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SURIGAO CITY: Michael Leans on the Rock

This is about a boy I've met during my stay at Surigao City. As I take photographs of beautiful sunset along the Mt Bagarabon beach, there was one boy who keeps staring at me. Maybe he's watching what I am doing because I took photos in a different way. I smile every time I took a glance at him, but he didn't smile back. He tends to hide every time I take a look at him. After a few "hides and seeks", I noticed that the boy was enjoying what we are doing. he now smiles back. He even giggles this time. So, I tried to talk to him, "dong, barog ug tarong kay ako kang kodakan". At first he was reluctant so I just let him do what he was doing. I continue on taking photos, this time on other part of the beach. But he still follows me. I just keep on smiling every time I took a shot and he smiles back. Our conversation started when he finally asked what I am doing.


If Boracay beach has the finest sand, some beaches in here Surigao has the coarsest of them all. Actually, there is no sand at all in here, it is pebbles and stones all around. Beaches are filled with smooth, decorative, and variable sizes stones. It's amazing how nature laid down these stones artfully on the seashore. If you will be here you would probably say, they were filed artificially, but it's natural. Another proof of how artistic Mother Nature is. To protect this wonderful work of nature, signage indicating " no picking of stones" were placed along the beach to warn beach-goers and any other individuals not to pick up stones and bring them home. Indeed, what if every person who visited and will be visiting this beach pick up even a  single stone and bring them home? What will happen to this peculiar beach in 10 years time? So, it's just right to protect them.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Dapitan City, a place in Northern Mindanao where the country's national hero was exiled during Spanish era.This was my target destination long time ago. Whenever there will be an opportunity to visit this place I must not let it go. So, there was the opportunity,my colleague informed me that they will be in Dapitan that time therefore, I decided to go despite the difficult traveling situation. I had to travel almost 20 hrs non-stop,by land and sea, just to be there. And this time is the fulfillment of one of my dreams, to reach the city of Dapitan and see for myself the place of exile of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Friday, February 10, 2012


After a long and tiring journey across mainland Mindanao (see previous post) I finally reached the City of Dipolog. Before I travel, reservations, itinerary and schedule of activities were all set up so I had no worries of whatsoever during my stay here in the city. The time I arrived, I immediately inquire where I am going to stay for I am very tired that time (imagine traveling in a very long and winding road in 2 days!) and I felt that my batteries were drained. I want to go there immediately to take a rest, a nap and to be charged again. After a little conversation with my contact I immediately proceeded to Royal Farm resort where they had the reservation for me. Royal Farm was about 15 minutes ride, a little bit far, from the city proper but it's worth the wait because the place is cool, very relaxing. They have nice clean rooms, with television set in each room. They have a swimming pool where you can ease the heat during day or go swimming at night. And most especially, they have friendly crews.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I was in GenSan when my colleague told me that he will be in Dipolog City the following week. He told me that they wanted to explore the northern part of Mindanao especially the famous Dapitan City. Its been my long  desire to visit Dapitan, but considering where I am is the problem. After long deliberation with myself (monologue style), I decided to go there and I have to travel and cross Mindanao south to north. Because there are no direct flights from GenSan or Davao City to any part of northern Mindanao and to minimize transportation costs, I have to go by land. I researched for directions, mode of transportation and fares from my friends, colleagues and even google on how to get there in fastest and safest way possible. Fastest. I have to get there on time or else I will be spoiling their time. Safest. As most of us know that there are some place here that are risky to travelers especially traveling nighttime. And this was it, my long, tiring but one kind traveling experience...

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