One of nature scenery that fascinates me is the setting of the sun. Sunset conveys different interpretation depending on the person watching it. It has different meanings according to experience, perception, emotion, and vision of certain individuals. To some, sunset means tranquility, a time to rest his weary body after a long busy and tiring day. Some say, it represents hope, a time for getting ready for another day. Another day full of challenges and adventures. Sunset means relief to other person. Others experience happiness every time they look at the setting sun. A kind of happiness that only them can explain. To all those who are inlove, sunset boosts that feeling. 


Not all meanings and interpretations about sunsets are positive. There are lot of people who are not fascinated by this scenery of nature. For it brings loneliness to others, loneliness cause by heartbreaks, departed love ones and undesirable memories. People who are having so much fun during daytime wouldn't like the sun to set. 

Sunset is a natural phenomenon that no one can prevent to happen. It's a part of a cycle that affects human life, physically and emotionally. For me, it's a very amazing art of nature that everyone to appreciate. Here are some images of sunsets taken from different parts of the country:

Sunset @ Surigao City

Sunset @ Cataingan, Masbate

Sunset @ Mt. Bagarabon Beach, Surigao City

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Sunset @ Bantayan Island, Cebu

Sunset @ Tagbilaran City

Sunset @ Camotes Island, Cebu

Sunset @  Cebu

Sunset @ Larena, Siquijor

Sunset @ Pilar, Sorsogon

Sunrise @ Matnog, Sorsogon

Sunset @ Masbate

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