After a long and tiring journey across mainland Mindanao (see previous post) I finally reached the City of Dipolog. Before I travel, reservations, itinerary and schedule of activities were all set up so I had no worries of whatsoever during my stay here in the city. The time I arrived, I immediately inquire where I am going to stay for I am very tired that time (imagine traveling in a very long and winding road in 2 days!) and I felt that my batteries were drained. I want to go there immediately to take a rest, a nap and to be charged again. After a little conversation with my contact I immediately proceeded to Royal Farm resort where they had the reservation for me. Royal Farm was about 15 minutes ride, a little bit far, from the city proper but it's worth the wait because the place is cool, very relaxing. They have nice clean rooms, with television set in each room. They have a swimming pool where you can ease the heat during day or go swimming at night. And most especially, they have friendly crews.

This is what welcomes you as you enter the resort.


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