SURIGAO CITY: Michael Leans on the Rock

This is about a boy I've met during my stay at Surigao City. As I take photographs of beautiful sunset along the Mt Bagarabon beach, there was one boy who keeps staring at me. Maybe he's watching what I am doing because I took photos in a different way. I smile every time I took a glance at him, but he didn't smile back. He tends to hide every time I take a look at him. After a few "hides and seeks", I noticed that the boy was enjoying what we are doing. he now smiles back. He even giggles this time. So, I tried to talk to him, "dong, barog ug tarong kay ako kang kodakan". At first he was reluctant so I just let him do what he was doing. I continue on taking photos, this time on other part of the beach. But he still follows me. I just keep on smiling every time I took a shot and he smiles back. Our conversation started when he finally asked what I am doing.


His name was Michael, a grade 1 pupil whose father was a fisherman. This innocent boy has a lot of stories to tell. He told me stories about him, his family and his place. I found out that he is very loquacious and friendly. Now he is the one asking me to take photo of him and started doing some poses. I granted his request and it's funny that he was the one who decided what pose to do and where he would love to do it. He enjoyed what he is doing and so do I. We had so much fun that time. It's a wonderful feeling that you make somebody happy, especially a child, even in just a minute. 


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