March 11, 2011. 1400H. I was conducting training in YMCA in Dumaguete when the whole world was shocked by the report the an 8.9 magnitude massive earthquake hits Japan and less than an hour later comes the destructive tsunami. As I watch the footage on television I was stunned by what I saw. It is like a movie, though it happens in reality. Gigantic waves was rumbling towards the city carrying all the things it passes through. Ships, cars, buses, and house seem like toys on the footage. Hours later the Philippines now is on panic. Some news reported that the tsunami will reach the coast of the country in more or less 3 hours. Local reports told that people on the coastal area were evacuated. So, I hurriedly call my wife to ask what the condition in our place.

I was so tensed that time. Fortunately, our place in Bicol is safe and far away from danger. My colleagues were also worried about their love ones left in their homes especially those families that lives on coastal areas in Bicol.

1600H. The report now told that the tsunami will be felt in the Philippines at around 6-7 pm. This adds additional worries for us. We keep listening to reports and watch updates via internet as we also keep contacting our families to check on their situations.

1900H. No reported tsunami. This time tension is going down. We can now breath normally until the threat of disaster was gone.

March 12, 2011. After the stressful tsunami incident in Japan we decide to unwind and give ourselves time to relax. And the following images tells you where we have been....

We originally planned to go to the famous falls here in Negros Oriental, the "Casaroro Falls" but the weather doesn't permits. It's raining on the area, some of the people whom we ask told us that it is very dangerous to go to the falls if it is raining because there are past occurrence of sudden increase in water volume going done from the falls causing some people to be drowned. And so, because of that scary story we've heard we shifted our plan to another falls in Valencia. The "Red River Valley" falls.

How to get there: From the City of Dumaguete, It takes 40 minute ride to the Town of Valencia via tricycle. From the the town proper, you can rent a motorcyle (habal-habal) going to the place. The drivers of the "habal-habals" knows every place you want to go to. They are drivers and tour guides as well.

Travel going to the bautiful places in Valencia, Negros Oriental via "habal-habal".
(in the picture are my companions, Riel and Alvin)

After strolling in the beautiful places of Valencia, Negros Oriental, the group goes to the mall, Robinsons Mall. Some of my companions bought someting while I am just going window shopping for I have limited money reserved for my travel back to Masbate.

After malling we went to the favorite hang out in Dumaguete. The "Atong Camalig". The place is a restaurant with live band. The
food tastes good and a little bit cheaper. I've ordered the famous chicken inasal with unlimited rice for only 68 Php. As we eat ,we were enjoying the performance of the band and make some requests. Our favorite request.."pwede magrequest?..pwede tumigil kayo" (can i make a request?..will you stop singing..)

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