Thanks first to PTBs (special mention to Paula PeralejoEstan CabigasDing Fuellos, and Jeffrey Rilles, ) for giving me suggestions on what to do and where to go in my new destination, the Citrus Capital of the Philippines, Nueva Viscaya. This is my First time to travel on this northeastern part of the country so I have no idea on what to explore on this province. I'm happy and proud that I become a member of the PTB for this group has a lot to offer. Nueva Viscaya is not that familiar to most of us unlike other provinces but this province is also rich in historical sites and wonderful places to explore. Aside from being the citrus capital of the country, Nueva Viscaya is the home of the three churches built on the 17th century that were similarly constructed. These churches were seemed identical before but due to some modifications they are not that identical anymore. But the architectural design and style still intact. First is the St. Dominic Cathedral located at the town of Bayombong. Second is the St. Catherine Parish at Bambang. And the other is the St. Vincent Ferrer Parish at the town of Dupax del Sur.

There are places that I missed, that will be my priority next time I visit this province. I am not able to went to Imugan Falls at Sta. Fe and the Capisaan Cave at Kasibu which is the fifth longest cave in the country.

Bell Tower of Bayombong Church.

The Church of St. Vincent Ferrer at the town of Dupax del Sur.

Bell tower of St. Vincent Ferrer Church at Dupax del Sur.

Before I travel here in this province, someone told me to try the famous fruit here. I once tasted same fruit in Bicol long ago but I knew that it was a "Nipa fruit" so I doubted if It was the same as the Rattan fruit. Due to my curiosity, I buy and taste the fruit and oh my! is so sour that I can't eat even one piece of it.

Lituko ( Rattan Fruit), the famous fruit in the province with very sour taste.

How to get there:

From Cubao, Quezon City, Bayombong, Nueva Viscaya is 7-8 hours travel in a PUB but only 5-6 hours if you have your own service vehicle. Bayombong is the capital town of the province. 

St. Dominic Cathedral is just around the town proper of Bayombong. 

St. Catherine Parish is also on the town proper of Bambang which is 30 minutes ride from Bayombong.

St. Vincent Ferrer Church is to be found in the town of Dupax del Sur. From Bayombong you can ride a PUJ (Solano-Sta. Fe route) going to Bambang. In Bambang there are tricycles for hire going to Dupax for 25 Php per head. But if you go straight to the church it will be 30 Php per head fare. It will take you around 20 minutes ride from Bambang to Dupax del Sur.

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