The Island of Siquijor. Contrary on what the island has been tagged as, Siquijor is a very beautiful island. Surrounded with white beaches, green vegetations, historic structures and fascinating scenery of nature. As observed, Siquijor is one of the undisturbed nature in the Philippines and should remain as that. Less pollution of the island is due to limited number of vehicles, not very much populated and industrialized area and the attitude of Its people to protect the nature. Life is very simple in this island. A very suitable place to unwind due to its tranquility and being close to nature.

From the City of Dumaguete, Siquijor is just an hour travel via fastcraft. On the port you will be welcomed by white sand beach, fresh clean air and crystal clear water that irresistibly invites you to swim. You can take a half day travel to explore the whole island which is composed only of 5 municipalities(Siquijor, Larena, Enrique Villanueva, Maria, Lazi and San Juan). Motorcyles for hire are available if you wish to roam around the island.

We came here for a meeting and to have some recreation with the group. We went to a beach after the meeting but before we reach the beach we passed on a forest and take some pictures. Because it is summer time, the beach is full of visitors. After the beach sightseeing, we went to Lazi to watch a volleyball tournament. There we find not only beautiful beaches but also beautiful and irresistible "witches".

Anyone who said that Siquijor is a land of witches, black magic and sorcery must be mistaken. Probably, they're not been here. And I do not believe it since I've been on the island.

Siquijor is a wonderful place to visit.

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