Canigao Island, a little paradise which is the best place to go if you happen to visit the province of Leyte. The island is surrounded with white sand and clear sea water which you can stroll and go swimming. The island or islet is so small that you can explore it in less than 30 minutes. Vegetations on the island serves as sheds against th intense heat of the sun. It is a very relaxing place. The island is inhabited, there are no power and water source so before going to the place make sure you bring with you a plenty of water and your gadgets were fully charged or have an extra battery. Souvenirs for sale are also available on the island.

How to get there: If you are from the City of Ormoc, Buses and PUVans are available for your travel to Baybay City. From Baybay City you can ride a van or bus going to Matalom, Leyte. The island is accessible from the Barangay Itum in Matalom. On the Barangay there are lots of boats sailing back and forth to the island for only 50 Php, round trip fare.

If you're from the City of Tacloban, It takes around 3 hours travel from Tacloban to Matalom.  

But the time and effort during travel becomes insignificant if you reach the paradise like island. 

I've been here because of an invitation from my friends working on the locality. They used to go outing every summer and Canigao is the place of their choice. It also happens that I drop off in Ormoc to wait for my scheduled trip to Cebu. Thanks to the staff in Leyte for a great Adventure and great accommodation. 


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