Green, full of life-These are the scenery you will see if you happen to visit the Land of Mangyans in Mindoro Occidental. These sights are very pleasing to the eyes and...nose? Yes, this place is very pleasing to the nose since this is very far from any cities, far from industrialized zones where the air is very much polluted that if you breath, half of what you inhaled is dirt. Pollution created by man and industrialization. Here, you can breath fresh air.

This place is also pleasing to the ears. No extra noise. You can only hear the blowing of the breeze and rustling of leaves in the trees. Unlike in the cities that are full of unwanted sounds from vehicles and humans as well.

I've been here in Mindoro because of a training at San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Due to my adventure seeking attitude, I chose to take sea and land travel going to the area instead of flying via Air Philippines. From CMDI at Laguna, it took a whole day travel going to my destination. It took almost 3 hour from my base at Bay, Laguna to Batangas pier. From Batangas pier you can ride a ferry boat going to the town of Abra de Ilog, and from there 7 hours travel on an non-airconditioned bus to get to San Jose, Mindoro. Even though it is very tiring to commute, the journey is such a wonderful experience and worthwhile.

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