SM City Cebu. From Tagbilaran City, Bohol, I need to stopover in Cebu going to my next destination, Leyte.   I arrived here at around 1230. Since the scheduled boarding time to the Supercat fastcraft to Ormoc City was 430 pm, I decided spend my waiting time and to take my lunch as well in SM Cebu. These images of some of my gadgets were taken from the table of the foodcourt of the mall as I am taking my meal.

The Rosary. I am not that religious but I have faith in God. Even though protestants and some other religion do not believe in rosary, I know it is one of the reason I am safe on all my travels. I brought it every time.  

Sunglasses. No way I can travel without it. These are the reasons why: first, It protect my eyes, of course, on times when the sun shines very bright and the heat is intense. Second, it hides my eye bags caused by lack of sleep during night travel. I can never sleep in a moving place even if i am very tired. Lastly, it adds confidence.

Mineral Water. Especially during summer I never let myself run out of water, I always bring with me a water. To quench my thirst and to avoid dehydration.

Wrist Watch. My favorite watch since then is my Timex Expedition Watch. Although I have also other watches but I cannot leave without this. I bought it one and a half year ago at Robinsons Tacloban.

Mobile phone. We cannot live nowadays without cellular phone. To get connected to your family and the world you live in.

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