It's summertime! I am here in my hometown to spend summer with my family. I am most of the time away with them so I want to cope with my absences. Together with my friend, Zaldhie, who was also my neighbor, we planned ahead where to go and what to do this summer. We decided to spend a meaningful summer with our own family alone and not the usual group outing with almost all the people on our zone. We chose not to have a large group outing in order for us to have quality time with our family. In a large group we might divided our attention between friends and family especially when it's drinking session time. I was the one who got home first in Pili, then a couple of days my friend arrived too, by the way, my friend was a computer technician on Abu Dhabi. We also chose not to travel far for this outing for the kids may get tired. So, we come up with a resort around the Municipality of Nabua, the Macagang Resort.


It's good. The resort is complete with amenities. There are three swimming pools for different ages with matching slides. Here you can also find facilities for different kinds of sports like basketball court, tennis court, skateboarding court, mini-golf range, rock climbing wall if you are bored with swimming. There is also a playground for kids. So, you can enjoy all day here.


Although facilities and amenities are good there was also some negative observation on this resort. It's the service especially on ordering your food. We took so long waiting for the food to be served, almost 2 hours more or less! And the crews are not that accommodating. 


Macagang is just 30 minutes ride from my hometown in Pili. If you are from Naga City, I wll take you around 75 mins to get to Nabua in a bus of van.Transportation is not a problem here.

Zaldhie, liezl, juvy and joy

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