In my search of a suitable place for reflection during the Holy Week, I have come to this peaceful and solemn place in Bula, Camarines Sur, The Tanauan Park. During our family visit to my in-laws in Brgy. Bagumbayan someone opened a suggestion to go to the park. I've been to this park long time ago, I think it's way back 1995, so there's that excitement to be back on this place. I would like to see the changes during those past years.Without planning and more talking and before our kids gets bored, we went to this place with my sisters and brother -in-law. 


Tanauan Park is a peaceful and solemn place located on the mountainous part of Bula in Camarines Sur,  just 15 mins from the town proper. Peaceful in the sense that this place is far from the residential and commercial establishments so this is very suitable place if you want to pray or have some reflection. Vendors and playing children are also limited here due to its location. There are two huge statues erected here which serves as the icon of Tanauan, a 20ft high statue of Blessed Virgin Mary and a 10ft statue of the Risen Jesus Christ which can be seen from afar. Since this place is on the top of the mountain, additional attraction that will make you feel relax is the scenery of the Bula and nearby towns from higher perspective.
Tanauan is accessible to any kind of vehicle. If you don't have a service vehicle, single motorcycle for hire are very much available to get you to the park. 

Scenic View of Mount Asog of Iriga City

Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary

Agony in the Garden

A good place for reflection.

St. Michael the Archangel

Risen Lord

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