After my trip to Laos, this is next country on my itinerary. Although I've been here during my stopover going to Vientiane I didn't have time before to go around the city. I have to stay within the airport for about 5 hours waiting for my next flight. So when I go back here, I ask for a reservation on a hotel near downtown and shopping areas where I can buy souvenirs for those are waiting back there in "Pinas. From the airport, It took about 40 minutes going to Ecotel Bangkok on New Pecthburi Road 35, Rajthevee. The good thing was I've catch a taxi with a very polite and entertaining driver so I never get bored and acquire many information about Thais as we ride to my destination.The taxi meter registered an amount of 260 Baht, but there's an additional 50 Baht for airport charge according to the cabbie so, it cost me 310 Baht for the ride. After I've checked-in, I took a short nap before I went out the downtown. I took my dinner at KFC in Indra Mall.....

But my most interesting and heart-pounding experience was my travel the following day...

.(to be continued.)

Joy is BMW.... its my wife's name!LOL!

New Petchburi Road 35, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, THAILAND

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