Thousands of tourists from different part of the globe visit the island of Bohol every month. And these numbers are tend to be doubled during summer vacation. Tourists bring both negative and positive effect on their destinations. The positive side they bring is in relation with the locality's economy. Local and foreign tourists, backpackers or luxury travelers, bring money in their destinations. But, together with the financial contributions they bring are some negative environmental effect. Deterioration of nature-made scenery, exploitation of natural resources, damage to natural habitat of some animals and alteration of the balance in  ecosystem are some of the negative contributions brought by some irresponsible tourists. 

I've been here in Bohol several times, so I visited most of the tourist destination here. So, this time I decided to visit a unfamiliar, undisturbed place in Tagbilaran City. Ten-minute west of the city you can find this beautiful beach. There are only few people living in here so nature's masterpiece remains intact. Along the beach are two boat-like cottages surrounded with vegetations, mostly "Bakawan or Mangrove". Sea breeze cools you whenever you are on this naturally ventilated cottage. Away from crowded beaches, this place is very ideal if you want to go swimming or outing privately. This place was also startegically positioned where you can watch the sun rising during dawn and took pictures on a beautiful sunset during dusk. 


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