These images were taken during my travel from Pilar, Sorsogon to Masbate City aboard a "pump boat". I realized that there are advantages and disadvantages of the unstable sailing schedule of seacraft from Pilar to Masbate and vice versa.

The very frustrating thing about the cancellation of the scheduled trip is that your personal schedule will be ruined. Time bound activities and travels were be affected so much. Alternate kind of transportation -the pumpboat- is time consuming. Its speed is just half of the speed of the fastcraft. The heat that you feel and uncomfortable seats also adds insult to injury. And of course, the security of the voyage is being compromised. The smaller and the slower the vessel, the more vulnerable to big waves in the middle of the sea.

But if there are disadvantages, there is also an advantage. The fastcraft when start sailing is closed. Not just because it is air conditioned but for security reasons as well. You can only watch the sea and other views from the blurred windows. Since the pumpboat is open, you have the chance to see the view 360 degress from the boat. You can takes pictures of the beautiful scenery of nature. You can clearly see the rock formations, mountains, islands and clear blue water of the sea.

So I took this advantages to capture amazing rock formations in the Island of Ticao in Masbate.

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