My first time here in Cagayan De Oro City, Northern Part of Mindanao. This is the City of Golden Friendship from the name itself, "Oro" means gold. I'm here for a series of trainings. These images were taken from the venue of our training in Chali Beach Resort. During our break, I go outside to take a look at the sea when I noticed the dark clouds. In our place the sun was shining bright so, I was so amazed of that peculiar weather condition. It just seem like clouds chose to gather only on that part of the island. It is like that the skies is ready to flood the place. A wrath by a god, ready to give his punishment. And his anger will be felt by all of the creatures on that place. The sea was also seemed ready for what will happen and it is sympathizing with the sky, by imitating its dark color.

I am waiting that time to rain, but not a single drop of water was fall from the skies. Until the dark clouds gone and replaced by the blue bright sky. It seems that the nature is like most of us human. It change its mind spontaneously, it gives warning when ready to strike, it calms down when the anger has passed, but sometimes it will caught you in times you dont know. And like many humans, it destroys anything when it's hurt.

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