Nato Beach, Sagnay, Camarines Sur, The nearest beach from home. My family and friends come here almost every year because of its accessibility. Less than an hour land travel from Pili, Capital town of Camarines Sur. Nato beach has gray sand and wavy water due to its location-facing Pacific Ocean. Waves that sometimes could reach up to 5 ft high during windy season are very suitable for surfing.

During summer, lot of people comes here to experience the beach and the waves. Usually they're from Pili, Naga, Bula and Partido area. Nato beach also held the Sangay's Baybayon Festival (to be posted later on). 

Island of Atulayan as seen from the Nato Beach Resort. Atulayan is accessible only by boat about an hour of travel. Compare with Nato, Atulayan has white sand beaches.

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