SAN JUANICO: Bridging People, Places and Cultures

Constructed in the year 1969, San Juanico Bridge is so far the longest bridge in the Philippines with a total length of 2200m and 41m high. It is considered to be the most beautifully-designed bridge that connects the provinces of Samar and Leyte. Just 11 km away from downtown Tacloban, All vehicles bound for Samar and Bicol are passing the bridge. The bridge was one of the beautiful things that the Marcos regime has done in our country. Before, I only watch this magnificent bridge on books and tv, so I wish I can take a closer look and walk on this bridge from end to end. And that wish came true.
Here I am now, walking on the longest bridge in the country. A bridge  which everybody want to experience walking on it. Especially when you're on the highest part, you will  experience a slight quake every time a vehicle is passing through the bridge.  

It's not my first time here in the land of Warays. I've been here 18 years ago when I stowed away from home. I haven't visited this bridge that time. My second landing here was last May 2009 when we conduct interview on some job applicants. But still, due to limited time,I didn't make it again the second time around.  So, I never let my third opportunity to pass without visiting the bridge. Together with my friends, Sandy  and Roldan, we visited San Juanico after our activity has finished. 

View from the highest part(41 m above sea level) of the bridge.

Islet beneath that serves as foundation for the bridge.
Bound for Samar.
With my friend Sandy for some documentation. This was also used as proof
that I am with him the time when his wife called him on his mobile. LOL!


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