Pteromechanophobia, aerophobia or aviophobia anyway you call it, means fear of flying in an aircraft like plane, helicopter, etc. That's what happening to me nowadays. I've been flying for more than 3 years, some people were get used to it if been flying that long, but it's different in my case. Maybe, my mind is too imaginative that I imagine most of the worst scenario of a crashing aircraft. Sudden stop of the engine or engine failure, explosion, plane-wrecking turbulence due to bad weather, human error on landing are some that I imagine every time I'm boarding an airplane. My heart pumps over the normal bps, my hands sweat even with the cold temperature inside, that's what happening to me aboard the aircraft. Strange noises on the plane added work to my heart and lungs. They say that plane crash is a one in million probability, but there's a probability isn't it?Imagine soaring at a speed of 500+ kph, what do you think will be after? I can't imagine! My mind's negative imaginations maybe triggered by some news about plane crashes. For instance, 3 cases of plane crash happened in a month in different countries, how's that?

Truly, it's a miracle if you have survived a plane crash, unlike other land or sea crafts there are more chances of survival. What if you're on that situation? Horrifying screams will be the last you can hear.
Second reason of my fear maybe my family. What will happen to them if I'm gone? I love my family so much that I can't live without them. And last reason maybe "thanatophobia"or fear of death. Most of us do have this, only few doesn't.

I wish I could overcome these fear......

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