This resort can be the most famous in General Santos City. Several prominent personalities from showbiz, politics, arts and sports have already been here. As proofs of their visit, the management provide prominent visitors with a plate where they can write what they can say about the resort and of course with their signature as proof of authenticity. Many tourist chose this place maybe because of its natural beauty. Situated on top of a higher ground where you can watch a scenic view of the Sarangani Bay. Different kinds of flower can also be found here. Flowers with varying sizes, colors and  smells all around also serve as plus- factor for attracting clients. They even decorated every door with paintings of flower that added more natural ambiance in the resort. This resort  can also be considered as the "bonsai" center in Mindanao. A collection  of bonsai of different sizes can be found here. This resort is ideal if you want to go away from the noisy city and hang-out with nature. An acoustic band is playing during nighttime if you want to have a more romantic night and the sing-all-u-can videoke on the other side is open if you want to rock the night with your friends. 

The bonsai collection.

During nighttime in the resort.

But its true that you cannot find an ideal place. There always be a flaw in every place you go, even in a grandeur resort. It may be on the facilities, amenities, food, or customer service. This time the flaw I have observed is no less than the owner of this resort. How beautiful is this place is in contrary with the attitude of the owner. He is very accommodating with high profile guests but not with ordinary one, like me. At worst, to his employees. I observed how he treated the employees of the resort. And watch out for the words that comes out from his mouth when dealing with them. It's in contrast with the resort itself.

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