FOOD TRIP: Ibos of Laguna

It's midyear planning once again here in CMDI. Reporting of accomplishments, projecting  targets, scheduling of trainings  and mind-breaking financial analysis for the sustainability of the institute as we enter the final half of the year. But this is not about that, this is about a kind of food we shared as the planning going on. Tuesday afternoon during our break time, Tita Precy offered us "ibos" for snack. For me, this is not that very delicious food, but what makes this food very special for me, besides this is my eldest son's favorite, are the childhood memories associated with these. Everytime I saw an "ibos" , automatically my childhood memories flashes back and how this simple food became part of my life.

"Ibos" are made from sticky rice or "malagkit rice", coconut milk and a little bit of salt. This is not so difficult to cook but what makes the preparation of ibos challenging is the making of its wrappings. Wrappings are made of skillfully crafted coconut leaves. This native food is never been absent on food preparations during fiestas on the countryside especially on my province in Bicol. This can be served anytime of the day but mostly this is serve during breakfast or snack. This is best served with "latik" or  


  1. iniisip ko kung pareho lang ba yan ng suman sa antipolo? :)

    1. hindi ako cgurado sir. pero parang matamis yata ung sa antipolo ito ay hindi, kaya kailangan pa ng asukal..hehe


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