Wednesday, January 4, 2012


In exploring routes and means of transportation from island to island, I tried different route other than my usual way. From Tacloban City to Bohol, If not by plane, I usually travel by land to Ormoc City, from Ormoc to Cebu in a fastcraft, then Cebu to Tagbilaran via fastcraft again. It took almost 7 hours travel. One of my friend in Leyte informed of a different route.He said that there are pumpboats traveling from Hilongos or Bato going to Ubay, Bohol. 8 AM and 2PM are the schedule of trip respectively. Because I want to explore, I asked him to give me the details. And he gave me this instruction: 
From the city of Tacloban take a PUVan bound for Maasin. It will be a 3-hour ride to Hilongos or an additional 20 minutes going to Bato. In Hilongos, take a pedicab going to the pier for about 20 Php. 

If you choose Bato Port, Disembark at Bato Terminal then took a pedicab going to the port. From Bato port, It will took about 3 hours travel via pumpboat to Ubay. There are many PUVan's waiting at the town proper of Ubay bound for Tagbilaran. It will also took you 3 hours to get to Tagbilaran. 

It was almost 10 hours travel by land and sea but I find it very exciting. The sea is very calm so it's quite Ok to travel. During travel I was amazed by the sights so I took my cam and froze the time. 

Aboard the pumpboat @ Bato Wharf, Bato Leyte

Passengers aboard the pumpboat.

Heavy rains ahead.

Sleepy passengers during voyage.

Rain, rain go away...

Island of Bohol from the pumpboat.

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