I 've been in and out of Bay in Laguna for almost 2 years but I never had the chance to visit this awesome place. A kilometer away from the town proper of Bay at Brgy. Hanggan, there you find this Budhism inspired floating resto, the ISDAAN. Large sized confusing statues welcomes you as you enter this resto. Confusing because according to some asian nationals, especially budhists, they do not know of such image of Budha which is half woman and half fish. Also these Budhas were half naked exposing their healthy breasts which is against Budhist tradition. 
This hectare-wide resort offers a complete amenities and modern facilities suited for the whole family. There are "kubos" and large pavilions for the visitors to enjoy their meals while enjoying different performance on the stage. There are also singing cooks and waiters to entertain you while you are eating.
In the place you will see a collection of life-sized statues of famous superheroes like batman, hulk, etc. There is also a life size replica of the US first couple where you can take a picture with them.

If you like to enjoy boating, there are "bangkeros" to tour you around via rivers inside the resort. The signboard says, "free boating. Just give 20 Php tip to the boatman"..funny!. Anyway 20 pesos is worth the ride. Here I found the "Taksyapo Wall" ,the place where you can smash a plate on the wall shouting the word "taksyapo". If you want to release your anger here is the best place. Actually, it is not only plate that you can smash to the wall, there are also appliances like tv set, electric fans, frame, figurines, etc that you can smash but on a higher price that ranging from 100- 2000 Php. One plate only cost 10 Php each. 


Boating experience around the resort.

Tres Marias 


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