I was amazed by the size of this ship the first time I saw it in the port of Masbate. It was so huge that it almost occupy the whole port. I thought it  was a newly constructed 4-storey building around the port. I go nearer and I found that it was a ship. I asked my security guard friend why was that ship docked here in Masbate, he told me that recently, Super Shuttle Roro 3 has added Masbate on its destinations.  

And to see how big really this one, I scheduled a trip from Cebu to Masbate. The moment I boarded the ship, i noticed that this vessel was new or perhaps newly renovated. The cargo deck was so wide that you can have 10 basketball courts inside. It was also very tall that it requires to maneuver around Mactan Island because it cannot pass under the Marcelo Fernan( Mactan-Mandaue) Bridge. There's a complete facilities inside: theater, restaurant, massage parlor, spa, and clinic. You can watch movie if you have nothing to do or go up the viewing deck if you want to the outside.

Here are the schedules of this vessel:

Batangas to Masbate (departs every Thursday 3pm)
Masbate to Batangas ( departs every Sunday 5pm)
Masbate to Cebu ( departs every Wednesday 5am)
Cebu to Masbate (departs every Sunday 5am)



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