At last!, the long time planned trip and bonding with my colleagues was realized. We've been planning this outing for almost two month and here we are going to a place where we've never been before, The Subic Adventure. Excited, that was the feeling we all have during our departure. Some are so excited that they contemplated the one-hour waiting time for other as a whole 24 hours. Frankly, I also felt like that because I wake up as early as 5am then they show at around 7am, he he he..It's Filipino time anyway. We left Bay,Laguna at around 7am heading to Subic. On our way, you can feel and see the excitement of all maybe because: first, this is the first time we go out together as a group and maybe the place we were heading is an adventurous one, plus we were all 1st timer on that area. Since we seldom see each other, they take this opportunity on chatting and story-telling of each own adventures and happenings. As the saying goes, "wento ng wento ala namang wenta". Laughter filled our van everytime we are teasing each other. Some are too excited that they continuously took photo inside the vehicle resulting to drained battery before reaching our destination. 

This is our itinerary for our 2-days "lamyierda"...

Day 1:
1. Any ATM Machine in Subic for budgetary requirements.
2. Stopped at KFC for lunch.
3. Shopping for food at Subic Duty Free.
4. Zoobic Safari Adventure: 
5. Overnight at a Beach in Olongapo City.

Day 2:
1. Subic Ocean Adventure 
2. Treetops Adventure.( but this was never realized because of limited time).
Road to Subic while we were at Pampanga.

The Zoobic Safari Entrance where the briefings of visitors takes place.

Barracks turned into artificial caves.


Learning the Natives way of life in Aetas Trail.
Traditional dances are being shown here by some "katutubo".

Hunting dance performed by Aetas.

The Savannah

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