Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ten minutes away from downtown of the heritage city of Vigan you can find the zoo known as "BALUARTE"which means territory. The place is said to be owned by the governor of Ilocos Sur, Chavit Singson. Here, you can find different kind of animals from domesticated to endangered species. You can see animals that you can only see on tv or in books. Everyday there is an animal show open for public where audience can play, touch or hold some animals that are presented on the show like bengal tiger, monkeys, parrots, pythons, and others. What's good in here, unlike other zoos, is that entering the place is free of charge, no entrance fee. It is good to know that there are places like these where some of the endangered species are being preserved.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


In the northern part of the Philippine archipelago on the province of Ilocos Sur, there you found the heritage city of Vigan. In the city,there is a village where you can find buildings, decorations, furnitures and others that were built as early as 1800s. Over a hundred year, the city of Vigan preserved all structures without or minimal repairs so you can witness them as they were built. If you happen to visit the place it's like traveling back during the Spanish era, the time of Dr. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, and Guardia civil.

Antiques were being sold all over the village along with some "burloloys" or native accesories, old jars, key chain, locally designed t-shirt and many others. You can ride a "Calesa"to go to some other places in the city. Hundred of visitors and tourists visit the place daily.

CATBALOGAN, SAMAR: Eye- Refreshing Sights

The hot temperature on Catbalogan City brought me to this beautiful unexploited beach, Mayburi Beach. I was in Samar, Catbalogan specifically, for a training. Because of my eagerness to explore every place I go to, I ask my friend there to bring me to beautiful place near the city. He suggested many but some of them were too distant. I had only limited time so I can't go too far. Until we agreed to go to a beach. It's positive for me because of two things. One was to get rid of the heat, cool ourselves in a refreshing sea water with matching hard drinks. And two, explore and capture the beauty of nature in this unfamiliar place.

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