Thursday, May 17, 2012


This is San Pedro Cathedral, considered to be the oldest church in the city. According to history, this church was initially built on the year 1847 during the Spanish occupation in the region. The church was named after the name of the first pope, St. Peter, who also was the patron saint of Davao. This historical  structure and Davao City's premier landmark is located at the corner of San Pedro and Claro M. Recto streets. What makes this church unique is its structural design. Unlike other churches, this church has distinctive curve frontal design. Another structures that catches people's attention are the beautifully designed bell tower beside the church and the torch-like structure infront of the church.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's Labor day. After long and laborious weeks it's time to reward myself a treat. I was in Tagum City  during the Labor day and I was thinking of what to do and where to spend that 1-day holiday when unintentionally, I came to this island. At first I planned to go back to Davao City where I can spend the holiday, but somebody mentioned about an island where they have their previous outing. This gave me an idea not to go back to Davao, instead I asked my colleagues here in Tagum to go to a nearest beach. Someone suggested that we should go to Kopiat Island in Compostela Valley. Without further questions and thinking, the group agreed with the suggestion. And there was it, a day-long vacation at Kopiat Island.
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